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Montréal City-State: Create Canada’s entrepreneurial hub

Montréal is in decline, it is the poorest of North America's large cities.

Clearly, the challenge is economic. Montréal does have a growth sector, that of intellectual property in the arts, culture, engineering, technology and life sciences. Still we must double current performance of all the rest to turn things around.

Entrepreneurship will be the driver of this turnaround.

We have to create the most attractive environment for Canada’s and foreign entrepreneurs.

This calls for a reinvented governance: Montréal: City-State.

As a major city in North America, Montréal must be able to compete on an equal footing with the others. Our future development requires that our elected leaders be free of the parochial policy constraints of the Government of Quebec.

Our first text, "Reinventing our Governance" is a statement of our intent for the Montréal: City-State. It deals with the "What?".

The second text, "Proposed Charter" addresses the "How?". It is a basic platform which will be complemented through the formulation of a number of functional and sectorial initiatives.